Our FREMO team is devoted to driving technology innovation with brilliant design. Relying our unremitting cultivation and accumulation of more than a decade in the field of new energy and lithium batteries, as well as our technical strength in design, R&D, and manufacturing of intelligent hardware and energy storage products, we are committed to creating highly innovative technologies and products. Most of our team members come from Fortune 500 tech giants, and our FREMO design team, has won many global industrial design awards. We care seriously about user experience and design our products and carry on technological innovation to meet our users’ needs. In the future, we will focus on "product R&D + intelligent ecosystem building + clean energy technology exploration" and strive to become a forward-looking clean energy solutions provider. It is our mission to build an ecosystem where everyone can travel, connect, breathe and live with ease. FREMO - FREE MORE POWER FOR OUTDOOR LIFE.

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